Can You Guess the Two Most Harmful Words in the English Language?

(Probably not what you are thinking…and no, I have no data to support this opinion)

Hello Dana,

Love your blog! I am curious why psychologists and spiritual teachers don’t use the words “good” and “bad”? What’s wrong with these words?


Another good question! “Good” question. Wink, wink.

First, thank you so much for submitting a question and supporting the blog. I cannot speak regarding the role of psychologists because I have no training in that field.

As a spiritual teacher, I try not to use “good” and “bad” because they are highly charged words for most of us, meaning they can trigger past pain.  Throughout history, terrible things have happened to people in the name of “good.”

Wars are fought in the name of “good.” Children are punished because they are “bad.” We wake up to discover the terrible irony of the unconsciousness mind—that the idea of good has caused harm to many. People often use the words “good” and “bad” to manipulate behavior through fear and oppression. These powerful words have now been linked with hate, fear, and violence.

The role of the spiritual teacher is to help reframe the mind/body, which cannot happen if we are constantly indoctrinating it with our “expert” opinion. This is how we confused the mind in the first place.

For example, even when a well-intentioned person such as a doctor, parent, or spiritual teacher tells us something is “good” for us, we often forget we get to decide for ourselves—that we ourselves are hardwired to already know “good.”

In the very near future, we will have little use for “good” and “bad. ” In the place we call Universe, unity is the goal of the mind/body, and good and bad actually mean the same thing. We awaken to knowing and bliss. 

The price of the ticket home is letting go of ideas of good and bad. The ascended state to which we’re all being guided, Zero, is a profoundly neutral state of peace.  In this state, we know that everything that happens is only for good.

I hope this helps!

Namaste, Dana

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