There’s an interesting rule in the spiritual world that goes something like, if we can talk about something, we’re probably not very scared of it.

The things that terrify us we won’t talk about—at all. Ironic, right? Not only that, we won’t entertain or tolerate anyone that talks of these things. The scariest idea in the Universe is one I learned from clients, but not in the traditional way through talking. The scariest idea in the Universe was the one thing everyone unilaterally never discussed with me; and when I talked about it, people fled. Consider yourself officially warned.

The scariest concept of the human condition is not death, not career or money, and not religion.We talk, argue, and employ experts to help us with these things. These ideas are scary to many, yet not the scariest.

The most terrifying idea of humanity emerges when we combine these ideas. The idea we have purpose on earth linked with our physical and spiritual abundance, which may have something to do with our beliefs about the Universe (God), health, and our ability to understand and avoid premature death begins the wildly terrifying discussion of destiny: the “D word.”

We don’t talk about destiny because when we do, we have wild, visceral, uncomfortable mind-body triggers about this topic: it triggers shame if we are not living our unique purpose.

The idea our future is being guided, or we should know it, is officially “spooky stuff.” We either dismiss the idea of destiny as some sort fun idea we indulge the children with, like the Tooth Fairy and Disneyland, or we dismiss it as some sort of supernatural evil like “witchcraft” or “the devil.”

Just as harmful, we intellectualize it as mythology we studied in college where Joseph Campbell’s name was mentioned a lot. To date, most of our learning about destiny still comes from Disney movies.

Destiny is simply not a word or concept “adults” who consider themselves “normal” entertain—especially adults with education and pedigree.

Allow me to be the first human that doesn’t work for Disney to suggest we all have destinies. All of us. We are designed to know what we came here to do. Many people acknowledge this subconsciously when they use the words “path” and “journey,” yet are in denial of their unique destiny. Interestingly, the future is all we think about. Children dream of the future, and adults worry about it.

When we are relatively unconscious, we will manifest wishes and dreams of the future, or manifest real anxiety about it. These are both symptoms of self-denial. We do this because we know we are designed to know ourselves and our path before things happen. Therefore, we are constantly scanning our environments and news channels, going from one event to the next.

As we are a part of the world and the stories being told and the news being made, we are trying to remember our job and our destiny (even though we will not perceive this as the reason), through the events and happenings of the world. This is what we seek from the news and events of the world, and until we can put the pieces together in our mind, we will continue to have real emotional trauma and anxiety about the news of the world—and yet we must continue to watch it.

What’s repressed in those of us who do not understand our destiny is a universal, metaphysical language we are all equipped to hear. This metaphysical language is irrational, and tells us the deeper meaning in all “happenings,” and how they are related to our destiny. It’s much like reading Shakespeare and having the teacher in our mind explaining the deeper meaning beyond the literal events of the story. When we repress the ability to hear it, we will dream about the future, or manifest anxiety in our mind-body—or, worst of all, pretend to do neither.

We universally seek to “hear” this metaphysical language which provides our destiny, and when we block this language, we will feel shame. This metaphysical language can only be only be accessed in our authentic state, our genius state. The genius state has a name, too. Astoundingly, you already know it and speak of it daily. Check out my new book called the Benevolent Universe, The Story of Your Unique Genius, to learn how to understand what you came here to do. It’s available now on Amazon, Ibooks and KOBO.