If you feel like you are not in a good place as this summer approaches, you may have what I call summertime anxiety. It feels like unrest or dread combined with feelings of “how am I going to get through the summer?”

Know this:  you’re not alone. I’ve had a disproportionate number of calls this week. Hang in there!!

Here’s the reason we get summertime anxiety. If you look to the processes of the earth, this is the time  of year when plants are in full plant mode—blooming and making food that will be harvested in the fall to help sustain us through the winter.

For your mind-body, it is a very busy season too, the season of “blooming” into new things and producing new ideas, new spiritual growth, and evolution. You’ll notice the light and beautiful weather make you feel very energetic. The body literally functions differently at this time of year and is designed to want to work on growing in every facet of the self. If you’re blocked from purpose, you may feel the opposite—big yuckiness.

Summer is the season of purpose and manifestation. Your mind-body is designed to create and produce things this time of year that will sustain you through the rest of the year. Of course, blooming in purpose first implies knowledge of purpose. Many people are not aware of purpose. For the mind-body that is not purposeful, summer is a very stressful season.

One may feel depressed or sad, which drives a need for relief during this season. The exhausted mind-body will seek pleasure from the chronic under-lying pain. Marketing machines will help you with this, too. Okay that was a little irony.

What I mean is that there are tons of distractions this time of year with the purpose of distracting you as a means of income for them. They are not evil or wrong, yet many of us will hyper-indulge in these experiences as a way to avoid our lives. Movies, malls, and vacations are easy, wonderful ways to distract ourselves from our discomfort and continue the avoidance cycle. The pressure of having children/families home from school makes it easy to choose these fun distractions as well.

Know this: your ancestors knew to produce in the summer. They knew to teach their children about this too. In fact, they had children to help with their lives and purpose. This is why schools begin in the fall and why we have summer breaks in the first place—children helped their families produce in the summer.

And no, I’m not saying to put your children to work doing hard labor for you!! My point is that that we are creatures bound to flow in the rhythms of the earth(another benevolent gift of the universal design). These rhythms are purposeful and support your manifestation of purpose and general well-being. In the meantime, know that there are no wrong turns here. Going on vacation is a wonderful way to reconnect with purpose. You are designed to bloom!

If you’re feeling stuck, restless, or not purposeful on this late spring day, I have a deal for you! I’m offering $50/hour sessions starting today through June 30 for anyone having summertime anxiety or general stress about reconnecting with purpose. At that rate, you can still go on vacation and still afford something for yourself! PHONE OR SKYPE SESSIONS AVAILABLE, TOO. 832-647-8303.

Next week we talk about some steps to help you find purpose and reframe your life to purpose.

Have a nice weekend!