Happy Belated Earth Day! In the immortal words of the Disney movie character Pocahontas (paraphrasing here),  “the Earth is not just some dead thing we can claim.” The reason we suffer is because we simply do not understand that the earth can speak, and we don’t hear her anymore. Bear with me; I know that sounds strange.

Earth, the mother, aka the home we all share, is beautiful and purposeful. You knew that. She is powerful, and feels unpredictable. You likely have noticed this, too.

I have personally lived through ten blizzards including thundersnow, power outages, and pretty sure I saw a polar bear at one point.

I have felt 111 degrees Fahrenheit, and -16 degrees Fahrenheit.

I have fled one category five hurricane from which we thought we would die on a highway with our children and pets. I’ve survived many other “lesser” hurricanes—like there is such a thing. Hurricane=bad. I don’t know why they bother ranking them?!

I have also experienced a Biblical flooding event—34 inches in 24 hours. Entire lives washed away in moments.

And did you know that if lightning strikes close to your electronics they make sounds like screaming scared people? Yep. It’s true.

Yet it would be living through these incredible moments that taught me of the benevolence and wisdom of the earth. Our bodies actually attune to crisis as a benevolent gift.

Our bodies, all bodies of Earth, are designed to function in synchrony with her in every moment, crisis or not. Your body, made completely of earthly components, is speaking to you of her needs in every moment. What to eat, when to drink. Without hearing and managing this internal wisdom, you would swiftly perish.

We are designed to know things in the perfect timing, so that we can always be in the right place at the right time. Yet your body speaks of many other things as well—your destiny, your safety.

Do you ever wonder why humans, as the “most evolved” species on the planet, haven’t adapted eyes in the back of our heads over the millions of years we’ve walked the earth? One would think that it would be best for safety, predation, right?

Yet the only reason that creatures large and small have not done this is because we don’t need them. We are designed to know everything we desire to know. Because we’ve evolved as humans, we have the ability to cope and deny this wisdom, which puts us in peril.

Most species—at least the one that don’t live with humans—are actually much more connected than humans to the processes and wisdom of the earth. This is why very few animals died in the December 26, 2004, tsunami off the coast of Africa and Asia in which many people perished. Stories abound of wild animals fleeing the coastline an hour or two before the big wave hit.

You observe this intuitive nature in animals daily as well. By now, you’ve likely observed your living room to be devoid of lions and bears—they know they are not welcome there. If you simply watch birds fly around at very high speeds, you’ll notice they rarely run into anything or one another, because they are communicating through a language you are missing (repressing) now.

If you look at the state of the earth now, you can understand exactly how we feel about not only her, but also our own bodies. They are the same thing. Many of us are trying to honor her and take care of her, yet she’s a mess and so is our health. We feel pain and chaos from our inability to hear and understand the wisdom of our bodies.

When we allow our body to “speak” at all, it’s usually when pain is involved. ‘My leg is sore.’ ‘I’m hungry.’ Pain is the repression of messages of the body.

Even hunger was never supposed to be painful. We are designed to feel great, and yet can hear messages of need while feeling great. Instead of waiting for our stomachs to rumble and ache as we begin running out of energy, we are designed to hear, ‘eat, drink some water’ while we feel fine, before pain occurs.

We can learn how to hear our bodies “speak” again without pain or stress—this is what your body is trying to do in every moment you breathe. We can be wildly powerful, purposeful and peaceful when we turn on the internal guidance that the animals possess and plants possess. As humans who’ve been “educated,” we turn off this language in lieu of the rational mind-driven language we call thinking and logic.

The language of the earth, the divine her, the female, is an irrational language. The language of the earth complements the language of reason to make a more beautiful, more complete language you are missing now. This is why you always feel as if something is not quite right. It’s like trying to play the piano with only the white keys. You may make some nice music, but not music that feels beautiful, complete.

The earth and her processes are irrational because they had to be, as the most benevolent gift of all. Without a complicated math speech (you’re welcome), the irrational design of the earth guarantees our uniqueness. Every male and every female have a unique code in his/her body—DNA.

There is no other like you, which means not only will your needs be unique, but so will your contributions. You are designed to contribute something as powerful and magnificent as Earth herself, in synchrony with her and everyone else.

Happy Earth Day everyone!