Happy Halloween! So let’s talk scary. Here’s the rule in the spiritual world: If you can talk about it, you’re probably not that scared of it.

The things that terrify us we won’t talk about. Ironic, right?

Because of my job, I’ve accidentally discovered the scariest topic in the universe. You don’t talk about it, and no one you know does either. So how do I know it’s so scary? I know this because when I talk about this topic, people FLEE. And I rarely talk about it because, well, I like having friends. Consider yourself officially warned.

The scariest concept of the human condition is actually not death. Not money or religion, either.

By far, the scariest topic in the universe is the idea of destiny. We don’t talk about destiny. The idea that our future is being guided or that we can know it is officially spooky stuff. We are terrified to really hold this discussion.

We either dismiss the idea of destiny as some sore of witchcraft or some sort of hokey fictional folklore. Yet peripherally, the future is all we think about. Children “dream” of the future and adults worry about it. Hmmmmm… . We’re either all crazy or maybe we are supposed to know some things.

Think back almost 17 years ago to Y2K. Remember that? Somehow, at the stroke of midnight, all the computers would shut down and we would all die. Maybe that was “The Matrix?” Okay, I can’t recall the actual problems of Y2K, but pretty much everyone I knew was gravely concerned. I remember people stockpiling food.

These kinds of  “things I can’t control about future events” terrify and preoccupy every mind.

We are constantly scanning our environments and news channels, going from one event to the next for some reason.

Why do we do this? What is the point of worrying about the future? Most of us think it’s about feeling safe and being okay—and it is—but it’s far more than that.

Would it surprise you to hear we are designed to know our future? Somewhere over the rainbow and way past the fear, we are all trying to remember what we are to do here from the news stories and all the happenings in the world. As we are a part of the world and the stories being told and the news being made, we are trying to remember our job and our destiny, through the events and happenings of the world.

This is what we seek from the news and events of the world, and until we can put the pieces together in our mind, we won’t feel safe and we will worry.

We don’t know our own destinies because we simply learned to block this innate ability when our cultural environments would not allow it. Go ahead, picture what would have happened if you had told your mom and dad you knew the future. Yep, me too.

There is a universal, metaphysical language within us that explains the world to us when we allow it. This language tells us the deeper meaning in all “happenings,” and how they are related to you. It’s much like reading Shakespeare and having the teacher in your mind explaining the deeper meaning beyond the literal events of the story.

I leave you with the good news that you are designed to know everything you wish to know. and that everything happening to you is designed to help you see your destiny and release fear and contribute abundantly to the world.

See, that wasn’t so scary.

Next week, we deep-dive into how to awaken to purpose and abundance (which is a part of everyone’s destiny)!

Have a good week!