If Harry Potter could tell you what the magic force was in his wand, he would say “resolve.” Resolve is a universal force and sensation linked with the effortless power within you in unity with the universe.

That’s why we all seem to want it come January 1 every year—we subconsciously remember its link with oneness. This is the time of year we naturally ascend and move into this powerful state of oneness (and resolve) naturally, which is why Christians celebrate the birth of an ascended being, Jesus, this time of year.

Resolve is the most powerful force in the universe, and it is available to us only in the enlightened state.

According to Webster’s, “resolve” is defined as “finding a solution to something” or to “make a serious decision to do something.” We all make resolutions this time of year trying to find some resolve, yet usually, by January 31, many of us will be talking only about how we’ve slacked on our resolutions.

The same marketing machines that geared us up to lose weight and get financially realigned with our goals will then happily gear us up for excessive Valentine’s Day spending and candy.

If we could simply have thoughts that lead us to resolve, we would have already found it. I think there are many of us who have truly tried. We cannot hate ourselves enough, or be disgusted enough with our behavior to find answers or to make serious decisions about our lives.

Resolve is likely the most misunderstood of all the great stuff we get here. So this year, we shall find resolve, but in a different way—by allowing it to happen. By awakening it through beautiful practices. The universe does not give this kind of power to those who practice any form of hate (or self-hate).

Resolve is the force trying to awaken in you. It is also not coincidental that this is the motto of Star Wars, the number-one movie of all time. We are all Jedi in training. We are subconsciously aligning with the message. Resolve is a force that literally changes the fabric of the universe around us.

Our thoughts and actions are incredibly powerful in unity, which is the subconscious rumble within this time of year. However, we simply cannot think resolve. It awakens as we awaken.

The road to unity, oneness, where questions and answers are the same thing, is realizing that we do not perceive this, therefore we must start the process again: asking questions and waiting for answers linked with the sensation of knowing in the body. This is how we re-align the mind/body to its most powerful state.

This seems simple enough, but here’s the problem. We know (deep down) that when we ask a question we are supposed to hear answers immediately—this is the synchrony we expect. When we ask questions and don’t hear answers instantly, we get deeply upset or frustrated. Our minds will panic.

Even worse is that, at some point in our lives, there is a realization that we are going to be in big trouble if we don’t know things. We get paid to know things. When you were young, bad grades meant people were disappointed with us. There was not then or now a good, safe reason not to know things.

Because of this conditioning, when you don’t know something, you allow yourself to align with the best argument, Google search the “best answer,” or simply make stuff up. This is how our lesser self is created.

When we have the courage to ask questions honestly and wait for the knowing, we will find the answers we seek, instantly, effortlessly, from within.

The answers to our lives are already there as we ask the questions, we just have to remember how to see them. We will also find the great things that go along with the answers: power from resolve, bliss, and peace. It may take practice! Know this: we are designed to know answers.

Your New Year’s assignment is to make a list of the top-ten questions you have for the universe. Just ask them! No pressure. Then the answers will begin arriving all around you.

Document the experiences: How did the answers arrive? Was it a person that told you the answer, and then you felt a knowing that it was true? Did you hear it from a TV show? Or did you just hear it in your mind?

The big question I get regarding this topic is: “How do I know for sure that this is the correct answer?” The answer is simple. If you ask the question after you hear an answer, that means it was not a knowing, right?

Knowing is unequivocal. It is analogous to the human experience of orgasm. You know when you have one. If you have to ask if you’ve had one, then you did not. The powerful feelings of divine knowing is not something you will feel confused about.

So, giddy-up! Ask your questions. I’m asking mine… Happy New Year!!!

Namaste, Dana