Happy Tax Day 2016!! Whew.

Regardless the outcome, paying taxes and dealing with money triggers “stuff” for people. Our relationship with money seems to be one of the toughest relationships we manage (or don’t manage). It is very much like our relationship with food. Money is linked with our survival. It is a constant stressor for which there is no divorce, and no opting out. We must manage it.

As my gift to you for closing out another tax season, I would like to remind you of the universal rule of abundance: you do you. UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

Money is only one of the many by-products of a happy, abundant life. Did you hear that? Money comes from not focusing on money. The gift of the universe to all of us is that our abundance is linked with our ability to know ourselves, and pursue the things that bring us great joy. We contribute our effortless gifts, and we are gifted in return.

We will know and feel abundance from being authentic.

Your authentic spirit is wildly happy, joyful, and abundant. If you find yourself lacking money, it means ego is in charge of your life. This is a self-awareness moment where we make adjustments.

As you file your taxes today, or put them away because you are way ahead of most of us, I challenge you to reframe your world. There are much bigger things at stake in life than whether we end up with a big pile of money in the end. Did we save a whale or two? Did we know our children’s favorite colors? Did we EVER sign up for Dana’s great blog? Okay, just seeing who was listening.

I hasten to add, we are all renters here on earth. It’s how you live (your karma) that depends on whether you have big piles to share with your ancestors. Know this: the universe wants you to be happy and abundant, and money was never supposed to be “hard.”