I was in an elevator in the heart of the Texas Medical Center in Houston. The building was huge, but it did not occur to me that office number 3502 meant the 35th floor. The elevator just kept going up. I finally arrived at a very nice, large “office.” It was a therapist’s office, and all I could think was, “I hope my insurance is going to cover this because I can’t afford this kind of therapy.”

After a few anxious minutes of waiting in the outer office, I was invited into the therapist’s office. I was greeted by a wall of glass revealing the Houston skyline, and in front of the wall was this exquisite desk and a real wall of photos. This guy had met President Bush, been on 60 Minutes, and had met many famous folks.

I broke into a flop sweat like a nervous actor, thinking that whatever I had to say was not going to play well in the room. A person with self-confidence issues would pucker in this place, and I was almost in the fetal position at this point.

Then, a small miracle occurred.

The man opened his mouth, and he was the most normal-sounding person I had ever met. How was “normal” in this office? How was humble and kind in here? After a long, wonderful session, I asked him what he thought the goal in life was. Had I guessed a thousand times, I would not have said what he said (which should tell you why I was in his office to begin with).

“The goal of life is to be happy.”

HAPPY?! Did he say Happy?

Then I thought, oh crap, I’m going to need lots of therapy if happy is the goal. Yet, it resonated deeply.

Fast forward a few months in time and I was watching “Oprah Church,” as I called The Oprah Winfrey Show back in the day. She was on this “use your life” thing. It was largely a foreign concept. I had never truly considered what that statement meant, yet it resonated deeply as well. Did we have choices about such things? What does it mean to “use your life”? Be purposeful with your life? Does life have purpose?

Then, another small miracle occurred.

Perhaps the first, pure beam of light emerged in my mind. Like waking up to the morning sun, it was just there—no thinking was involved. It hit me as only true consciousness can—profound wisdom—no-turning-back kind of wisdom—the “once you know, you can’t not know” kind of wisdom.

The message of the psychiatrist and Oprah merged. We are to be happy by using our lives—it is the universal win-win. We are each given unique gifts of future good and greater good—true purpose, divine purpose—and the thing we will do will be the only thing that makes us truly happy.

YES. This was truth (and the first time I ever remember consciously exhaling).

I can’t say I have always been happy since then—quite the opposite at times. Once you know happy, joyful and bliss are the goals. To know that you are not happy and that your life feels purposeless can be quite terrifying.

What I can say after 20 plus years of spiritual practice is we are engineered as purposeful, happy creatures.

We are to whistle while we work, like Snow White’s dwarfs. Our purpose is the gift that brings us great joy and will be a gift to others as well. We only become unhappy when we disconnect from who we truly are and what we came here to do. Our work will be the source of all spiritual and physical abundance on Earth. It is how we are each uniquely designed.

This year, before the warm glow of the season dims, I invite you to join me in spiritual practice. The Benevolent Universe, The Story of Your Unique Genius, Book One is out now and can help you discover the thing you came here to do with your life. It’s not too late—it’s never too late—we are all waiting for your unique contribution.

HAPPY 2018 everyone!