So I’ve written a guide to the universe. I know. No one saw that coming. Trust me. We’re all shocked.

The book was effortless. However, the struggle of allowing myself to write it came with profound suffering. Tragically, this was never how it was supposed to be. Suffering is unnecessary and this is why I write, and teach, and continue to learn.

My work is about teaching you what not to do with your life, as much as it is about teaching you what to do with your life. “The guide” is about how to help you enlighten; painlessly and effortlessly.

So what is enlightenment, exactly?

Consider this. There is a code in your language that is guiding you to the only place you’ve ever wanted to be. You can try to guess the place, but even if I gave you a million guesses, you would likely not guess its name. Once I tell you what it is, show you the pattern guiding you to it, you will know you always knew it. You will also see that it’s been right in front of you all along.

This is the enlightenment paradox. I’m not sure anyone’s ever called it that, but it’s actually the most helpful idea you can incorporate into your spiritual practice. I am designed to know all the answers. The answers are always in front of me.

This is the enlightenment paradox. I’m not sure anyone’s ever called it that, but it’s actually the most helpful idea you can incorporate into our spiritual practice. All answers are right in front of me and I am designed to see them.

You live in such a benevolent universe that you are to know everything you wish to know, yet the silliness and madness of the human condition will have us deny the answers. Most people think we need to go to school to learn answers, but there is a way to know answers without ever leaving your bed. There is a way to know lifetimes of information in one breath.

Enlightenment is simply the process of relearning how to see the answers that have always been there. We enlighten and become conscious again.

Derived from the Latin word, conscire, consciousness simply means, “to know.” We are designed to know everything we wish to know from within. We are meant to walk in knowing and bliss everywhere we go. We live in a universe where this is not goal to reach sometime after we die; this is normal, now. It’s also why we don’t feel quite right now.

Becoming conscious, after periods of unconsciousness, is tricky because even in profound self-denial, we will tell ourselves we know. Yet there is pain, no bliss. There are medications. There are relationship issues.

Enlightenment is like waking from a deep sleep. For me, more like a coma. Enlightenment is a way to bypass (transcend) experiential learning. In other words, we don’t have to put our hand in the blender to learn that it hurts. We are to know not to ever put our hand in a blender and turn it on—even if we’ve never seen a blender before.

In fact, I think this is why most of us are stuck. We’ve forgotten how not to harm ourselves and others while simply trying to live. This is because we are deeply benevolent beings. We are trying to remember the state in which we know before we act.

So to answer the question I posed, there is a code in your language guiding you to the only place you’ve ever wanted to be. This place is actually a mind-body state called Zero State. Or simply Zero.

Zero is a mind-body state in which we see all the answers for ourselves and for others. Zero is the state of transcendence where we no longer participate in experiential learning to attempt to predict answers.

Zero is the posture of clarity and unity with the universe.

Zero is the posture in which all questions are answered—in fact, questions and answers are the same thing. Zero is the divine posture, the state in which we become the heroes in our own lives and the lives of others. Zero is the mind-body state of genius, power, wisdom, and abundance.

The moment we stray from our authentic mind-body state, Zero, we begin to develop coping skills to keep ourselves going. We start dreaming of the place that we cannot access anymore, some sort of “there.” It’s beautiful, actually.

I think religions call these “there’s” by various names. They have names for states or places in which they will be blissful and know everything again. Usually these places are linked with the concept of an afterlife. If your not so spiritual, you may call your there, “vacation,”  “a new baby,” “a new home.”

Simply, the concept of “there,” is usually a dream of the future that is  much better than our life in the present. Dorothy Gale dreamt of Oz, only to find out it was always within her. She fled her home, because she could no longer feel “home” in her home.

We can realign to bliss and knowing in a breath— if we choose. (There is a free will thing we shall address in subsequent posts). Zero is your home state, the only place you’ll ever feel like you, and also feel divine.

If you doubt this, I encourage you to consider the circular wreath hung on the entrance to many people’s homes; a wreath in the shape of a circle. We do this, because subconsciously we all know how to be home, and we are subconsciously reminding ourselves when we are not in the divine posture, Zero.

If we look to the world of mathematics, zero’s special place as the harmonic middle between the world of the infinitely negative and the world of the infinitely positive implies a beautifully unique and exquisitely balanced state.

This odd place in the number line is the first and best clue about this posture. The universal perfection and placement of zero, drawn as a circle, implies not only a highly balanced and perfect state, but a neutral state and a state of nothingness.

This is a particularly hard concept to entertain because most of us perceive an ill-defined notion of “nothing.” For most of us, “nothing” is associated with lack or need—likely because most of us no longer exist in this state.

However, by definition, nothing can actually never feel bad, because it’s nothing. Yet, even more irrationally, this is actually a magical state of incredible power and abundance. We are to do nothing, and have everything.

Perhaps the most benevolent gift of all is that the hidden treasure you seek is literally beneath your nose. The common daily language spoken from your mouth is guiding you back to this divine state, Zero, or Nothing, when you’re not in it.

The Beatles were correct, “Nothing’s gonna change my world.” I promise nothing will change your world. The purpose of my work is to teach you to hear the words you speak differently, so that even when someone tells you, “‘you’re nothing,’” you’ll know that you are lovingly being guided home.

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Namaste, Dana