My husband and I joined this program they were having at our gym this year mainly because we liked the tiny rubber bracelet we get to wear for joining the program: it says, “It’s on, Holiday Strong.”

Somehow, the dark, twisty, precarious nature of holidays past vanishes when I look at this bracelet and hear these words in my mind. The longing of moments gone by and the idea that I must somehow produce perfect Norman Rockwell moments for my children melts away. The ideas that my food will not taste “good enough,” or my presents will not “be enough,” is no longer a problem either.

I go to the gym almost daily these days, but the practice is not about going to the gym to exercise—sometimes I don’t even workout! It’s a spiritual practice that requires me to take care of me first and foremost.  It’s about staying me—regardless of the choices others make for their lives. It is the mind-body place of “I’m enough, and whatever I do is enough.”

Truth. I went to the grocery store twice Thanksgiving morning because I was out of cat food (trip 1) and I have a sick person in the family that needed medication (trip 2). If you want to know what shame (I’m not enough) looks and feels like, go to the grocery on Thanksgiving morning. No one will make eye-contact because they think they should be doing something else, somewhere else. Sometimes I think this, too.

I’m not sure where we think we should be other than where we are—maybe where our friends on Facebook are, taking beautiful trips to snowy places with horses and sleighs and fireplaces? Or to London or a tropical paradise? Or maybe simply not at the grocery again? We would “be enough” if we were somewhere else doing something else.

Today, I would like to remind you that you are enough—wherever you are.

Period. No pep talk.

It’s our birthright—we are designed this way.

Maybe, like me, you have screwed some things up. By a certain age, that is almost a certainty—for us all.

But because we are powerful and creative beings who are enough, we can clean our messes up, too. We can heal. We can forgive. We can take responsibility for our health, our finances, and our relationships.

More importantly, because we are enough, we will no longer allow ourselves to be manipulated or shamed into purchases or actions that are prompted from fear or shame.

We will not allow ourselves to fall prey to the narratives and promises of the holiday season that leave us feeling ashamed January 1. You know the ones: “If you buy this, you will be enough, and your kids will love you and they will feel enough” or, “If your house looks and smells like this, you will feel enough.”

This holiday season, we will stand in the light and be enough. We will purchase, eat, drink and exercise just enough this season, too. Oh, it’s on—we are “Holiday Enough.”