In the end, I think we won’t wish for anything to be different except maybe “the how.”

Don’t misunderstand, I don’t mean the “how much,” either. We can’t take anything with us—we are all renters here.

“The how” I’m talking about is “the how we treated the ones who mattered to us”—especially when it mattered—that how.

Valentine’s Day is an easy day to go out and be kind and thoughtful to our loved ones because we’ve engineered it that way.

But “the how” that will really matter to us someday, is the how we treated people when it wasn’t easy and they weren’t easy.

How were we when they were scared and vulnerable?

How were we when they really needed a hand or a kind presence?

Did we hug or did we bolt? Did we yell or support? Did we stay and figure things out? Did we at least try our best? Did we work to clean up emotional messes? Did we work to resolve hurts and empower one another?

However your “how” is going, know this:

We are hard-wired to forgive one another, and today can be the beginning of a new how.

Happy Valentine’s Day!