I teach transcendence. Whatever you do, don’t look it up on the internet. There are too many complicated discussions about it, and it’s actually much easier than it sounds.

I predict (mark it on your calendar) that in five years there will be Transcendence Studios conveniently located next to every Dollar Store in every strip mall  in America.  Here’s why: transcendence is the spiritual cheat we’ve all been given to access a place we didn’t even know we wanted or existed.

Transcendence is to people seeking answers as the wormhole is to physics.

In physics, the wormhole is the secret tunnel, so to speak, between parallel universes that exist light years away from one another. The wormhole makes the impossible possible: you can travel instantly to a dimension that you could neither perceive nor get to without this secret tunnel.

Transcendence is the ability to access a higher state of consciousness; it feels like a parallel universe, experienced while being here in the same mind-body. This parallel state is much better than the place you are living in now. It is truly the coolest thing we can learn to do.

It is the state in which you can see all the answers for your life, and bypass the guessing we all do. The transcendent state is called the Zero State, the state of knowing.

We are all designed to do this when we feel conflicted or lost in our lives. When we can’t see the bigger picture or feel we know our purpose, we become anxious about choices—even the little ones.

Anxiety about a choice means we don’t really know what we are to do. Anxiety is based on the not knowing, not the choice itself.

Transcendence is the ability to pull out of our anxious or other lesser states to see the place of knowing. It takes you to the place of answers.

How do we access the transcendent state?

The good news is that each of us has a unique way, and it will be through your body, linked with a deeply personal and unique interest: your purpose. For me, writing is the wormhole, although I am learning to stay above the noise and transcendent in all things I do.

Now you see the conundrum.

“How can I know my purpose, if I can’t access the transcendent state?”

“How am I going to get to the transcendent state if I don’t know my purpose?”

Dang, this is the chicken and egg thing all over again.

You have just experienced lesson one in transcendence.

Everything you do in a state in which there are no answers will bring you no answers.

However, the fact that you just witnessed yourself not knowing answers means you were, for a brief moment, transcendent.

When we witness ourselves being stuck in these logical conundrums (going in circles), it means our authentic self is witnessing the ego in that moment. Get it?

In that instant, consciousness emerged. What we can witness we can heal, and this is how we become conscious again.

For most people, seeing themselves as being stuck or illogical brings frustration, shame, and anxiety—so we don’t ever look. These feelings are resistance trapped in the body, so the practice is the same. Now we can witness the anxiety and relax, knowing that healing has begun.

With practice, the tension resolves itself and the answers come because we allowed them in. We realize they were there all along.

Today, your assignment, if you choose to accept it, is to notice the circles in your life. This is the clue itself. I call this “Mission Possible.” You are witnessing what you are trying to do, which is to access the perfectly balanced Zero State.

We are to simply notice issues related to circuitous reasoning such as “Why do I have to change jobs again?” “I cannot tell this child to do his homework one more time!”  We are not noticing them to “fix” them, or make a list, or blame someone.  We are going to see the issues and make friends with them, knowing that our bodies are designed to give us unique and perfect answers to all of our issues.

It is an opportunity to notice your resistance to the flow of life. It is a way into and beyond the “stuckness,” this place we gently walk into with ourselves. It is the benevolent walk into our aliveness beyond words, beyond description. You have always only wanted this state!

Last, some great news. We have a fancy new donut shop in my little part of the world. I told you the universe was benevolent. Pictured above is a blueberry lemon glaze donut. I’ve never had one before. Yes, that’s a bite out of it—I have a children who are impish and torture me daily. I will get my bite later with coffee! I will let you know if I gave it thumbs up or thumbs down next week. I’m now praying for a CrossFit to open up next door to it.

Hope you are all having a nice week!

Namaste, Dana