If you had to place a dart on the picture above representing levels self-awareness, where would it land?

Are you aware you’re angry? Do you spend most of your time being angry? Are you ashamed of some things about yourself? Are you aware of any fear?

Had you asked me twenty years ago (and I had been truthful), my self-awareness dart would have landed somewhere on the wall—not even on the board. I was relatively unconscious and unaware of any suffering.

I was numb and told everyone “I was fine.” This is often what unconsciousness feels like. Ironically, because I was unconscious, I probably would have told you my dart landed in the middle and I knew myself; yet by simply observing my life and relationships, you would have known that it was not true.

This is the tricky part of being relatively unconscious—we really don’t know what we don’t know, but there are always clues. Everything I did in the unconscious state felt “too hard,” and I was always “too busy” for self-care and self-reflection.

I told myself this was normal because everyone else was behaving the same way. Even worse, the emotional and physical payoff I expected for such hard work never revealed itself. No matter how much success I had, it never felt like I could calm down and rest, celebrate, or simply walk peacefully through a day.

The good news is that wherever your dart landed (even if you’re not on the board), the answers and practices are the same. Consciousness begins with self-reflection and self-care, and ends with self-acceptance and forgiveness.

We heal and ascend into compassion and purpose again. Life becomes effortless again. And, it is a process, where the more we practice, the quicker we heal. Above all, we will learn patience and kindness with ourselves and others.

The spiritual practice of giving yourself permission to know (become conscious) before you act, hurt others, or spend money on things that ultimately did not serve you is called transcendence. It is one of the most benevolent practices in the universe. The mantra is: do nothing, change everything.

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See you soon!

Namaste, Dana