In times such as these, when we feel as if the world as we’ve defined it is breaking apart, we want to cling to something—or someone(s). The leader of the free world, the pope, or a doctor are the people to look for reassurance, inspiration, and answers. But it’s not their job to make us feel okay. It never was.

Yes Dorothy, the illusion that we all must address at some point in our lives is that others have more power or wisdom than we do—they don’t.

You alone, and uniquely, are fully equipped for this ride.

Therefore, we fix our broken selves, our scared-shitless selves, our freaked-out selves.

The good news about these periods of time—where things seem to be getting worse by the minute—is that we are thrust into some sort of accidental healing/awakening process because everything we’ve planned is not coming to fruition.

It’s like we were driving our car to work “doing our thing” and we accidentally leaned on the door and fell out. It happened in an instant—the “plan of us” is somewhere on the pavement with our skin and our soul. We are hurting and scared because nothing is what we thought it was going to be.

More hopefully, these times (and feelings) are purposeful. The purpose of feeling powerless is to acknowledge that we are not in out power and learn how to take responsibility for that. They are periods when we must reflect and reevaluate everything. These are often the beginnings of enlightenment.

The lesson we are to learn from these overwhelming periods of life is that our power never left us.

I invite you to join me as I launch my new book into this world—maybe it can help you navigate this strange period.  The Benevolent Universe, The Story of Your Unique Genius, is a hopeful romp through the workings of the Universe. It is the story of us. We all have unique gifts we came to contribute to the world. Our gifts are associated with our feelings of worthiness, abundance, and power here on earth.

It’s the universal win-win. We are given gifts that only we can contribute and it will be the only thing we want to do. Our feelings of powerlessness are designed to help us shift into our unique power and purpose—our genius.

I promise it’s a lot easier than you think. Check it out!

Available today on Amazon, Kobo, and Ibooks—I hope it helps (OMG, I sound like an infomercial)!

Namaste, Dana