Almost EVERY SINGLE TIME I get a piece edited for this blog, my own editor questions my use of this word and what the heck I mean by it. Let me clarify the use of the word “posture” and extend my sincere apologies to anyone else I’ve confused! I’ll try not to get carried away.

Your “posture” is the most important thing you can understand about yourself. Your posture, not your intellect, defines your ability to understand the universe. To ultimately be successful, you must master the rules of the universe. Your posture reveals your understanding of the rules.

“Posture” is the term I use to describe the connection we have with others. Your posture towards someone describes your ability (and limitations) to know that someone. Your posture towards other people is actually not just a measure of the quality of the relationship, but ultimately a measure of your own state of consciousness.

Every relationship reflects your authenticity and destiny. If you don’t want to know your destiny, you will block the information people in your world provide you about yourself. You will essentially ignore them or find a way to be angry with them. Therefore, your relationships are reflections of how well you’re connected to self and are clues to where your spiritual blockages exist.

The top posture is pure authenticity, pure consciousness (knowing). Pure connection to self. Pure connection to all. If you cannot be authentic, you cannot have good relationships or an abundant life. Makes sense, right? Your authenticity is an effortless posture of oneness with the universe. It is a divine posture where you understand a divine nature of self.

The lowest posture I describe is complete unconsciousness (disconnection). To be unconscious (when others are around us) means we essentially live and behave as if the others are not there. Unconscious people use others as if they are objects rather than people. They don’t realize they are sharing the world with 7 billion other people and act as if their needs are the only things that matter.

Regardless of intellect, unconscious people behave as if they are not a part of the world. They can be very scholarly and completely unconsciousness because unconsciousness is actually about self-denial. People who are unconscious are blocking their own voice to keep their destiny hidden. They are in profound pain. They often experience harsh realities as well.

Because every relationship is unique, it is important to note that you may be involved in relationships at every posture. Some people we ignore and use; some people we honor. We can use our self-awareness of our postures in all of our relationships to heal and grow.

I have outlined in earlier blogs the big seven postures from lowest to highest: Unconsciousness, Anger, Sympathy, Empathy, Compassion, Zero, and Oneness.

There are many other spiritual postures, but they all lie somewhere within this range. The universe teaches you in the perfect way you can understand whatever level you are on.

I sincerely hope this helps! If not, we will keep working on it. Onward.

The compassion post is next! I call compassion the door to the universe. When we can find this posture in each relationship, we will understand the world again. We will also understand our destiny and unlock our abundance. It is worth the climb! Until then, have a wonderful rest of your week!