If you’ve endured a recent attack, or even a hostile email with a red exclaimation point next to it letting your know something is “an emergency” and your not reacting fast enough, I’ve written this little ditty for you. Cue music.

#1. Don’t Deny
#2. Don’t Reply
#3. Breathe. Get space.

Seriously, if you are reacting to any attack, it is very likely you haven’t consulted yourself about this situation. You’ve morphed into their nightmare.

Give yourself space to find the wisdom and words you will be proud of yourself for speaking, ya know?

What we will do instead:

We will look, and look hard, at the person in our path attacking, aggressing, and insulting our world. We will hear it. It is required. We will not deny our situation or make excuses for them or ourselves. We will understand and not be afraid. We will get help. We will own our stuff if necessary. We will find the light.

What we will remember:

Kindness and peace is not weakness. Louder is usually about manipulation and control. Aggressive is not always correct and usually a sign of insecurity. We can understand and connect with the people in our world without agreeing with their behavior. We will not become them. We will plant ourselves firmly, boldly. We will survive this. We will rise because of this. They will rise because of us.