So we left off last week with the big idea that we are to do nothing unless we know that what we are doing is causing no harm to ourselves or others. This “doing nothing” is the practice that leads to transcendence from the state we are in now. The practice of doing nothing—allowing yourself space and time to know again—honors you and everyone in your world because it is based on karmic neutrality.

Karmic neutrality is the idea that I am making the highest choice for myself and for everyone. I am not hurting or alienating to get my needs met. It is the universal win-win of choices. Choices that we eventually grieve are the ones that did not consider the greater good and they caused harm. So we wait for the knowing, instead of reacting from the powerless feelings and emotional states of self-denial.

Transcendence is the mind-body process of rising above the stories that dominate our agendas (and the reasons we stay stuck in our victim/villain roles) and releasing them for good. It is a process that allows us to understand life and the things that happen to us, then restore ourselves and heal.

As I began healing, I saw the big thing that we all have to see to dare to stop our lives and metaphorically get off. It was my eat, pray, love moment, minus the million dollars, the trip to Italy, and Javier Bardem. I saw that I had set up camp in the world as a victim, even though I had shut off my own wisdom. It’s how I felt, like a victim of life and my world. I then saw the villain roles I played, too. It was horrifying.

Every perspective, every choice I was making, was based on a few moments of victimization many years ago, which then turned into a lifetime of powerlessness because the victim posture never changed, nor did the feelings of powerlessness, or the stories which went like, “I’m not happy because someone did blah, blah, blah… .”

When we shut down our ability to know, consciousness, for whatever reason, our perspective shifts from incredible power to profound powerlessness. We will wake up to find its the only thing we’ve been trying to get back. We must learn to transcend the stories of our lives because this is the practice that frees us from the stories—they leave us for good. We find all the good stuff again.

Our victim/villain stories are dangerous because they imply we were ever powerless. The more we tell them, the more they fossilize within us and we use them to justify the chaos now.  Then we set up a life based on feelings of powerlessness and we make choices that powerless people make.

In the victim/villain mindset, we make choices as if the choice itself will cure the powerlessness. We think that we can choose enough safety to feel powerful again. Enough insurance. Enough money. I’ll find Prince Charming, and I’ll be okay. Then, because we make choices without really knowing ourselves, we will second guess ourselves the first time anything “goes bad.”

All choices made from reactive states just bring more reactivity because if we don’t know before we choose, we may or may not know afterwards. We remain unconscious and reactive. The unrest in your body is because you don’t know you’re on your path, even though you’re always on it.

By middle age, after millions of choices in the pursuit of happiness, we become terrified of choices. A trip to Starbucks where we make ten choices for one drink can send us over the edge. This is why consciousness is the only step.

I wanted to launch this post before the season of candy and fruitcake, aka, the official season of reactivity and choice.

I wanted to launch this post before the season of candy and fruitcake; aka, the official season of reactivity and choice. Our choices cannot relieve our feelings of powerlessness—they are often amplified manifestations of powerlessness. The practice of considering choices only teaches us that we really don’t know. So we have to learn to know again. When you know what to do with your life, you will still be making choices, but they won’t feel like choices.

My wish is for you to experience transcendence this season—to know.  We will dive into this topic in great detail in the coming weeks. I would like to remind you that it was never your job to make others happy—it doesn’t work that way. We can only do that for ourselves. Indeed, we live in a universe where we owe people nothing. This sounds harsh, except that I know you see the clue in this message.

You owe it to the people you love to return to your enlightened state, Zero, this season. Another elegant clue to a universe that only wants you to be your best self—open the genius within and provide those gifts. I believe these are the best gifts to give and the best message of the season. This is the “nothing” you owe them. Do nothing, change everything. This is where the true magic of the season exists. Miracles too. Happy Halloween!!

I will be off next week, but will return before all the candy is gone!

Namaste, Dana