My enlightenment began while driving, shopping, cleaning my house and watching The Da Vinci Code. If my husband actually read this blog, he would gently disagree about the cleaning part. I do not routinely participate in yoga or meditate (at least in the traditional sense). In fact, if People Magazine had an award for the laziest spiritual teacher on the planet, I would be on the cover.

The reason I out myself, is to dispel any myths about hard or easy you think finding answers can be. It is effortless. I should also note that meditation and yoga are probably incredibly helpful practices along with the many other processes that are being taught now at spiritual retreats.

What I’ve discovered is that we are designed to awaken on our unique path, doing the unique thing we came here to do. (The only clue I will give you about the book coming out in the summer is that if you liked The Da Vinci Code, you might like Benevolent Universe, too. Stay tuned…)I believe this is the most important piece of the puzzle, in fact.

This is the universal win-win, another clue to the elegant design of this place. The curiosity of the human body as ideas and interests, will be the places we unearth the wisdom from the mind/body. This is wisdom you can’t learn anywhere else because we are waiting for you to provide it to us.

Frederick Barnard said, “One picture is worth a thousand words.” I would like to add to Mr. Barnard’s idea by saying that the reverse is true, as well. Every word, every letter, and every symbol is designed to stimulate thousands of images in the mind when that mind is functioning optimally. Tastes and sounds, too.

I would just look at a candy bar while standing in the grocery line, and I would then “see and hear” new ideas and sensations. It should be noted that before I began enlightening, I would see a candy bar, and my mind would think “candy bar, hungry, good.” That’s about it.

My body/mind was filtering out all the other great stuff; I simply blocked those messages. Since I’ve removed the mind/body blockages, when I see a candy bar, I get hundreds of messages at times, and sometimes pictures as well. I know that sounds exhausting, but it’s not. It’s just there, in a breath, almost like music playing—silent music.

This is how we are all hard-wired. This is what we are witnessing when we watch small children play or when we watch a dog sniff the earth. They are learning through being—effortlessly.

Our minds ask questions of the universe through looking at things, hearing noises,  smelling, and tasting food, and the answers arrive through the experience itself—not through thought or processing of information. There is no idea in the mind that says, “What is that? Oh, it’s a bird.” There is simply a glance at a bird, and information arrives.  We will also know the places we want to metaphorically “sniff.”

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]In unity, the experience answers everything.[/pullquote]

When we are balanced, or “zeroed,” the answers are in being—doing nothing, which is Zero State. This is the doing of nothing that I am referring in every single post.

This week’s assignment is to embrace these new ideas and ride with them in your backseat. Be curious again. Your interests, whatever society has labeled them, are everything to your mind/body. Own them. They are the breadcrumbs of your destiny.

Look at the symbols in your world, too.  Start with my favorite, circles. Why do hobbits chase a ring? Why do we, on the most sacred of occasions, exchange rings?

As always, thank you to everyone for supporting the blog!!

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