Hi Dana,

What do you do to stay grounded during the holidays, and do you get overwhelmed?


First, thank you for supporting the blog! Excellent question(s), too.

Know this: there have been periods this season where I’m sure my husband thought he was married to Snow White’s eighth dwarf, “Overwhelmed.”

It began as a poorly engineered November with a pre-holiday road trip where I ate my way through 2,400 miles across Colorado, New Mexico, and North Texas as if there was an eating contest at every restaurant and roadside dive.

So now, I have entered the party, present, and stress-out-the-wazoo season, in my “big girl” stretchy pants, behind in all the season’s festivities.

To me, “grounded” in the spiritual sense is the feeling of effortlessness in the mind-body. There is no choosing of words, thinking, or planning. From the grounded state, we flow with life not knowing what the next words or moments will be.

It is a sublime state of peaceful clarity within, and the place we are all trying to be I suspect.

If you think of your feet as the two prongs of a plug, you are to wake up and step on the earth and feel energy blissfully flow through you as you walk, almost like floating. If you have blockages, then you are rarely aware of the flow of natural wisdom and you become mind driven, out of sync with the earth and body—overwhelmed.

“Overwhelmed” is the new black this season, which replaced last season’s “super-busy,” and “stressed out” from the season before. The words are changing, yet at some point, we must disagree with the idea that these are acceptable ways to live.

This is the seed that grows peace. It also opens the door to an infinitely more productive and meaningful life.

The mind cannot manufacture a destiny. Your destiny is part of the universal flow that is as effortless as breathing. All the pieces and parts will be provided along the way. Stress means you are simply fighting the flow.

The mind cannot manufacture a destiny.

I think what makes this season especially challenging is that it is a sacred time of the year for your mind and body—we ascend naturally, which is why Christians celebrate the birth of an ascended being, Jesus. All over the word, there are celebrations of light, which is a symbol of our own internal wisdom.

This is the time of year when we are designed to naturally enlighten, transform, and renew for the spring (visualize what the trees do).

Most people will have some sort of natural resistance to this process; these are what I refer as blockages, which is why there is so much illness this time of year (we call it flu season). The process is actually worsened by the fact that many people (including myself) will over-schedule themselves and find very little meaning, joy, or wisdom in anything they are doing.

I have a daily bucket list to keep me grounded, which is more important to me than any real bucket lists I’ve made, because it keeps me out of my head and in the flow.

I hope it helps!

Please know that I developed these habits  from many years of being mind-dominated—overwhelmed. So when you feel overwhelmed, it’s an opportunity to discover your own bucket list to synchronize yourself  in your mind-body. The great news is that it doesn’t have to take years like it did for me. It’s about tiny daily shifts that lead to big peace and bliss.

So, here are the practices that keep me, well—me.

I write every day, which is how I discovered the flow to begin with. I highly encourage any mind-body process that you are interested in. If your body is actually moving, the flow returns easier to you. This is why people who meditate often practice yoga first to restore the flow of wisdom moving into the mind.

When I’m tired, I can’t always rest, but I try to be nicer to myself now, instead of meaner to others. I have a special coffee in the cabinet, or I will go to Starbucks and befriend a barista. I will go smell the hair of my children, or just be near them.

I laugh—a lot. I was born into a genetic pool of pranksters and people who can spin yarns. Only last week, I was involved in an event where a large gnome went missing and was eventually returned for ransom. I’m 51 years old .

I take baths in Epsom salts and sing loudly and poorly.

I turn on Tom Hanks movies. This is a universal fix.

I walk other peoples’ dogs and spend a lot of time outside. Being in nature is the number 1 way to reground, and it’s free. Being in nature with your mouth closed is even better.

So happy end of 2015 to everyone and Merry Christmas to Christians out there! I wish everyone peace, light, and a little Star Wars this season—may the force awaken in you. I will return January 1 with the thing everyone wants for the New Year…resolve.