I’m fairly certain that it was sometime after my first acne scar that I remembered free will.  I have since decided that free will is the greatest universal gift bestowed upon each of us, and invoking it, perhaps the greatest challenge.

The gift of free will is the guarantee that we will discover and manifest our purpose as long as we listen to our unique desires. If you’ve ever visited a Starbucks, then you understand how tricky free will can be when simply trying to purchase a beverage that tastes as good as it smells. Ten to twelve choices and four dollars later, you may or may not have a drink that you would ever order again.

Yet it is because of these infinite choices we will endeavor again, knowing that we can choose differently next time if the today’s drink did not sate our appetite. As in ordering the complex coffee concoctions at Starbucks, we are designed to discover our unique purpose as long as we keep choosing and listening.

As we age, many of us begin to exhibit unrest and dissatisfaction with our lives. Hence invoking our free will and entertaining the multitude of choices that exist before us becomes increasingly anxiety riddled—to get married or not, to buy a home or rent. By middle age, we will have considered millions of choices in the pursuit of happiness and prosperity. And it is usually by middle age that many of us are more dissatisfied than we’ve ever been.

We become frantic with a palpable pressure resting on every decision—every day feeling as if we are Bill Murray’s character in the movie Ground Hog Day.  Remember the guy who was trapped in the same day over and over until he discovered the key shift of the mind/body for which he set himself free from this one horrible day?

This movie is the metaphor for our lives where our belief system(mind/body state) has us imprisoned. The absurdity of Bill Murray’s character trying anything and everything from lying, stealing, and even suicide, mirrors the absurdity of a life out-of-balance. It is here that I hope that my advice becomes useful, and the day you get to Punxsutawney and discover home.

[pullquote align=”left” cite=”” link=”” color=”” class=”” size=””]Any and every pressure you feel is only to zero the mind/body, because all of the choices made in the unbalanced state will never completely sate you, and any choice in the Zero State will.[/pullquote]

Any and every pressure you feel is only to zero the mind/body, because all of the choices made in an unbalanced state will never completely sate you, and any choice in the Zero State will. Most importantly, you, like Bill Murray’s character, have absolutely no power to evolve from your unhappy station in life until you’re in the proper mind/body state. We only truly transform in Zero State—the perfect state of clarity and purpose.

Although you will perceive to be choosing many things, you will still feel an intangible unrest and lack of clarity from your choices. Yet even in the most unbalanced states, your choices are clues to what adjustments you need to make to go achieve Zero State; and  every choice that leaves you feeling nothing, empty, is guiding you home.

Happy Groundhog Day everyone!! See you next week!

Namaste, Dana