If you’re old enough to know what drat means, then you already know what kind of week I’ve had.

If you don’t know, drat feels like substantial annoyance combined with the need to eat something not “Oz approved” to cope with it. If I’m being honest, it went way beyond “drat.”

I was going to post a picture of some waffles to help us all cheer up about the fact that there will be no grand wisdom from the blog this week, but, alas they were charging money for all the really good ones. And forget about waffles with creme fraiche. Then I thought kittens or puppies might help, and ditto.

So I’d like to offer you some other good reading for your weekend. Martha Beck will have you in a great mood in no time. She has at least 3 degrees from Harvard, and will make you feel better about anything you’re doing with your life. She is in the self-help section.

William McGuire “Bill” Bryson is my favorite read on any occasion.

Bill uses words like hirsute ane tweedy. You will want to hug him after you read his stuff. My favorite is his  A Short History of Nearly Everything. It is a big book, to be savored—so take at least a year to read it.  Spring for the hardback with the pictures!

Brene’ Brown will make you want to do something amazing with your life, so be warned. If you were looking for a quiet weekend, don’t read her. She will make you want your own personal marching band and war hymn. You’ll be sewing a flag by Sunday.

Have a great weekend, and thank you for supporting the blog! Get your boots on Sally, the Ground Zero post is next…