Day 210. Lots to report. My book finally came back edited. My editor informed me that my “guide to the universe” was like 5 books in one. I said, “You’re welcome.” He said, “No.” And some other stuff like “Your grammar is that of a fifth grader” and, basically, “Get busy with some major rewriting, Dana.”

So here I am, blogging all day and writing all night. With any luck, Benevolent Universe may be in print by fall. I can use your prayers, people.

In other news, I have found a new gym routine and have unleashed an inner beast. Above is one of my newest shirts. I would be modeling for you, except that I could not manage a selfie where all the words appeared. I am enjoying Pilates, weight-lifting, and spinning. I plank now. I curl 15 lbs. with each arm, too. It’s pretty awesome, and I have witnesses.

Thank you to my gym tribe, if you’re reading this. My goal is simple. I would like to not need a NASA-engineered swimsuit again this summer. You know the ones with Spandex and Teflon that squeeze your internal organs so tightly that inhaling is virtually impossible? Yeah, that one.

As I write this, I am aware that another great genius of our time, Prince, has died. I was not then or now ever cool enough to appreciate Prince’s incredible work and legacy. It’s certainly not his fault or lack of prodigious talent.

Remember the Texan heritage thing that is a big part of my cultural legacy? I was raised on the classics: Waylon and Willie, the Kingston Trio, Jim Croce, Hee-Haw, and the Beatles. Oh, and John Denver. There was exactly one radio in my home, and autocrats (my dad and my sister) ran the knob. Recalling that many, many years, I thought the Aggie Fight Song was the National Anthem, I am doing well to drive, cook, and push buttons on a keyboard.

Rest well, Prince. I know the purples are even more beautiful where you are now.

Tomorrow is Earth Day, and I am hoping to finish my special post in honor of Her, Mother Earth, in time. Have a wonderful Thursday evening, people.