Me: “I believe in people.”

My friend: “Mayberry is dead, Dana.” (Yes, I have funny friends.)

Me: “People are my religion.”

My friend: “The only thing 100 percent of us will do is let each other down, Dana.”

Okay, so this is probably true, and yet I still believe in people, despite the fact that the only things I smell on the breath of most humans these days are Starbucks and mistrust.

I believe in humanity because I understand what a huge gift that belief is to give one another. Oh, and no, I’m not saying we can choose to believe—we can’t fake this stuff. We either believe or we don’t. And I do. But I didn’t always.

I have seen the miracle of a tiny beam of light shone at the proper moment in a person’s life. I understand that anger is a mask for someone who cares deeply for his fellow humans. I’ve seen as much unspeakable kindness and grace from people as the harshness that blankets the airwaves.

But, mainly, I have felt the miracle, the shift inside, of someone believing in me, during the many times that the only thing I could smell on my own breath was self-hatred.

When we quit believing in one another, hatred wins. In the spiritual world, hatred is the defined as the loss of self. It has nothing to do with others. If you feel yourself hating and raging this political season, it means that fear has taken over and you’ve chosen war with humanity and self.

That’s okay; you’re in good company. We all have seen this place at times. I’m here to give you your human card back. Okay, there isn’t a real card that I am going to send you, but you can print this out or share it with a friend.

You belong here. We need your voice, your spirit. You arrived fully equipped to do powerful awesome stuff. We, as humans, are designed to figure things out and be happy. So, if you are participating in anything because of a feeling inspired from hatred of another, it’s time to get off. The black abyss has sucked you in.

We will survive the political process this season. Do not let it take your humanity.