This was my husband (boyfriend at the time) and me 30 summers ago. I call it the “Big Hair, Small Waistline” era. Time has played a cruel joke, as these are now exactly opposite.

Somewhere along the way, I discovered that relationships are the biggest gifts we get and the hardest pieces to manage because they are reflections of our own happiness and authenticity. I am very lucky because of the person who has shown up many days and helped me find a way to really love myself and be proud of myself (despite of myself).

I think this is what we want from all relationships. Stay tuned next week as I launch a relationship roadmap designed to help you understand the spiritual purpose of your relationships and how they are designed to only help you be your true self.

Meanwhile I will be making poor food and beverage choices at a very nice restaurant, very likely watching Leo DiCaprio get mauled by a bear and a maybe even a bit of ballroom dancing.  I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! See you next week!