She gave me my power back

Dana knew how my kids were going to behave based on my personality. She helped me realize how my personal journey was affecting the relationships with my kids and husband. She gave me my power back in all my relationships. By helping me, she’s helped everyone in my family. We are a much more peaceful, happy tribe thanks to her.

Always uplifting

If you are looking for peace in your mind, body and spirit don’t wait any longer, call Dana today!!!  There is no better investment of your time, energy or money.  Spending time with Dana is always uplifting and her intention is always pure.  She gently helps you with your inner work with kind words and thoughtful observations.  Let her help you find the way home.

She knows things before they happen

I feel very fortunate to get to work with one-on-one with Dana. She’s a bit of Mother Theresa, a bit of Mae West, and a lot of Nostradamus. She knows things before they happen. It’s only a matter of time until Oprah finds her and we will all have to take Oprah’s Life Class to get to see her.

An amazing mind and gift

Dana saved my life. I have read every spiritual book that’s been published in the last ten years. Been doing this along time and very stuck until I started seeing her. She helped almost instantly. She has an amazing mind and gift.