DAY 1. This is me with Wally and the first piece of furniture I have for my new office. Yes, it’s a big circle. We will get to that.  The grand struggle of my hair should be its own blog. There is a stain on my shirt, I don’t know where my shoes were.

I will be forever grateful for this picture because it captures the true terror of being light-years out of my comfort zone. Yet just in the moment when I thought I would surely explode from panic, Wally photo-bombed my picture to give me some unconditional Walliness. Thank you, Wally.

So let’s clear up some confusion.

I’m not the author Dana Drake who writes sexy novels and is doing quite well on Amazon.

To that Dana Drake I say, YOU GO GIRL! Yes, I do write about the Universal purpose of sex, but there are no wonderful sex scenes in my book. Maybe the next one.

I’m also not Brene´ Brown. I wish…duh.

I’m also not Brene´ Brown. I wish…duh.

I understand the confusion here as well. I too, am a multi-generational Texan with blonde hair, who’s lived in Houston, and speaks of shame.

I also have the quintessential “Texas twang,” will die with guacamole on my breath, and have written a book The Benevolent Universe, The Story of Your Unique Genius.

To be a real Texas woman, one must own jewelry shaped like Texas, and own apparel made from animal hide onto which you then have your name stamped. I’ve not seen Brene´in either—yet.

Although I’ve spent many wonderful years as a Houstonian, unlike Dr. Brown, I no longer reside there. I am not a psychologist, nor a social worker. I recall only ever taking one psychology class in college for which I mostly skipped, because it was early. I now wish I had paid more attention. I am trained as a chemist, and have worked as one for many years.

I now call myself a spiritual teacher, only because my view of the universe is so spectacular that I can only conclude it to be God. Since you’re now wondering, I am not Christian, nor Buddhist, nor Hindu, nor Muslim, nor Jew. To align myself with a particular religion would not only be dishonest, one might infer favoritism.

Truthfully, I can barely function appropriately in a church setting. I only attend for celebrations, like funerals, speakers, and weddings. My writing is about inclusion. If I use a religion to make a point, that’s all it is. Because in 2015, it’s still likely the number one reason we war on this planet, I believe it’s not helpful to claim a religion.

I tell everyone it was 2001 when the magic started. Of course as scientist, I truly thought I was losing my sanity. I had no idea what was happening to my mind. I was grounded in a highly secular world, married to a scientist from MIT. At the time, Tex-Mex was my religion.

Deepak was not a household name. Even Oprah was not talking about synchrodestiny yet. So after the MRI came back “clean,” I began to write about my experiences as a way to understand what was happening.

I soon discovered the mind-body state that masters have described for centuries. Religions call it various names, Oneness, Nirvana, Heaven. Dorothy Gale called it “home,” and you may be calling it “there.” I call it Zero.

Take a look at my ZEROES ARE HEROES BLOG to learn how more about this profound state of body-mind.

Thank you for supporting the blog!

Namaste, Dana