For a time in the 1990s and early 2000s, an entire international generation of us all went to the same church. If you lived in Houston, Texas, church was Monday through Friday at 4 pm.  “Oprah Church,” a.k.a  The Oprah Winfrey Show, was divinely timed, as there is nothing else you could or wanted to do in Houston most days at 4 pm. It was simply too hot to venture out at that time of day, and yet too early for frozen adult beverages and chips with queso.

History will remember Oprah as a great humanitarian and spiritual teacher. It is because of her singular extraordinary voice that we are witnessing the unprecedented flowering of consciousness that the planet is experiencing today. For 20+ years, millions of people tuned in globally on a daily basis to see a remarkable human exceed our every expectation and inspire us, as very few spiritual leaders have before her or since, to use our lives for good and she models it well to this day .

Now Oprah is #1 and #2 on my Bucket List (probably on most people’s) and she’s made the title and inside pages of my book about genius. Needless to say, there are no words to express the gratitude we all feel for getting to attend “Oprah Church.” If I ever do meet her, it will be George W. Bush’s “shock and awe” all over again.

Oprah has saved more  lives than all the medical doctors on the planet combined—sans scalpel. This is because Oprah has empowered us to save ourselves.

One of her most powerful gifts was this idea that there were things we could “know for sure.” In fact, “consciousness” means knowing, and Oprah was the first to suggest to many of us that we should all “know things” from the lessons life was teaching us.

On the last page of every issue of O Magazine was her own personally written article about knowing things based on her experiences. This was an idea that I hadn’t ever fully fleshed out. My experiences had taught me that life was hard, random, and senseless. Oprah provided a wisdom and calmness to the masses of us who could not yet see such a hopeful  perspective.

She taught us to be reflective and accountable to ourselves and the world. She, in essence, taught us self-awareness through questioning life and her guests; and then helping us all reflect on one another’s experiences as a true neutral observer who seeks understanding.

Oprah was right. Our experiences are designed to help us to know things—to become conscious again. We don’t need to be in church to be learning about the functioning of the universe. Church comes to us, wherever we are, through our experiences. And here’s what I know for sure, and maybe the reason we so desperately seek answers.

There is one state of perfect comprehension and understanding. A state in which you will know everything and see with a clarity that you may be lacking now. There is also only one state of forgiveness. AND IT IS THE SAME STATE. It is called Zero State.

You live in such a benevolent universe that when you choose to look at your experiences, and you truly understand them, you will also forgive and be forgiven, instantly. The ache and the burden of karma leave. We are truly free to live again.

Last week we discussed that lurking beneath the anger within us is a human that simply has forgotten how to understand the world. Yet part of us is afraid to seek answers, because we know we’ve done things that are hurtful, and we’ve certainly been hurt by others. Now you know there is no reason not to look.


See you next week!!!