I’m out o’ here for a few weeks. Paris? Hong Kong? I wish! You know I would love to go to those places. You’ve seen my bucket list. In fact, nearly one year ago I started this blog, and 48 posts later, I am renewing my commitment to my bucket list, but also to living truthfully and peacefully with whatever the truth of my life looks like today.

On my “vacation,” I will be working to finish my book and learning about good accounting practices. Yep. There will be an extended trip later in the summer to see my parents, who live very far away. But for now, I will be vacationing with my husband to the garden try to figure out what’s eating my petunias.

There may be an impromptu road trip to “somewhere-very-plain-and-nearby-USA.” There will be a grape Popsicle or two, and a trip to see “Finding Dory.” 

That’s about it. No Iceland, no Machu Picchu, no glamcation, at least in the near future.

And if you get to go, PLEASE post the pics! See you in a few weeks!
Have a wonderful, safe holiday!