Okay, I’m no Lin-Manuel Miranda, and this piece will not be as eloquent, but alas, I’m not sure many people realize what the feeling of hate is metaphysically, and how to stop hate.

The dictionary defines hate as the intense or passionate dislike for someone. This definition is technically true, if you understand that “someone” is yourself.

Hate is feeling of a spiritual energy block within us that arises we witness behavior in other people that we don’t understand. Hate is a symptom of mind-body imbalance within us, and that’s what it tells the world when we use hateful words.

Whether you hate broccoli, or another human, an “I hate” statement tells the world you are uncomfortable, triggered, and unconscious in the moment.

Of course we always have a great story about who we hate and why we hate them—and their behavior often justifies this conclusion.

We justify and rationalize the hate we feel so we never have to address the discomfort within us that it triggers. We often hate people or things that we are powerless to change for this very reason—we can’t change them and don’t want to change ourselves.

Somehow, we’ve all decided that hating other people is an acceptable answer and an acceptable way to live.

For me the wake-up call to figure this out was the moment I discovered that I hated the haters out there.

I hated the people who hate.

I hate bigots!  I told myself this kind of hate was okay and was always hating on someone or an idea of someone. I actually thought I was a nice person who hated all the awful people out there. Looking back, I was as awful to live with as a bigot.

Cue the beatboxing.

Hate is hate is hate is hate. If you hate the haters, then what does that make you? Yep.

And if you are walking around feeling hate and discomfort for anyone or anything, you are not well no matter who or what the reason .

Hate is about our own lack of awareness of our mental and physical health, and hate will destroy our lives and health.

What’s more, all hate is well-disguised self-hate.

When we feel hate, we can be sure that there’s something that we’re denying ourselves and feel powerless to fix it. These intensely powerful feelings called hate may seem hard to negotiate, but remember: we are designed to live in love.

When we feel blocked (hate), we feel powerless. When we feel powerless, we need a reason, a way to make sense of it so we can “fix it” and feel better.

So what if I told you that the fix was relaxing and breathing? And that you would then feel no hate and have real clarity about life? What if the fix required only fixing your mind-body state?

When we begin to relax and self-reflect at the moment we feel powerless or witness something we don’t understand; with a little practice, we will begin to hear answers again.  Note: the answers will not be about other people! It will be about your personal choices about your life.

What we find when we work through the spiritual blocks is the clarity and wisdom to transform all the problems we perceive from a powerful loving perspective: our normal healthy perspective, our ascended perspective.