This is my newest baby. She is a mimicry succulent native to Africa.

I bought her in celebration of Earth Day. As a scientist and spiritual teacher, I spent the day buying and planting plants, not protesting.

I practice non-resistance now, but I also believe that to ignore what scientists are telling us about the Earth is folly. Whatever you may be hearing about global warming—and there is much conjecture for sure—I want you to know that the gatekeepers of truth are scientists. They don’t just get to guess at things, they have to prove their ideas work.

If you are skeptical of scientific findings, so are they. Skepticism is willful uncertainty, not ignorance, and the best guard against cheap quick perilous answers. It is healthy for all of us to keep striving in healthy skepticism for answers to the Earth’s problems. It is dangerous and ignorant to decide we do not need science and cannot trust answers of the scientific community.

The scientific community is a group of highly educated, highly curious, paid skeptics who spend their lives observing, questioning, and finding answers of the universe—and then proving their discoveries are valid. You cannot be more skeptical than they are of their own findings. Because of the scientific process, we eventually find elegant solutions—truth.

The search of truth and discoveries from the scientific community have taken us to the moon, brought electricity into our homes, and made the medicines that helps ease our pain when we suffer. Almost every gimmick, gadget and ease in your life began in the mind of a scientist.

It is a scientist that likely helped your mom bring you into the world. It will very likely be a scientist that will provide assistance and care for you when it’s time for you to transition from earth.

Happy Earth Day!!