And doughnut lover, Boston Cream is my favorite.

Spiritual Teacher, maybe I can help.

Mom, Annie and Emma truly wonderful beings and I am very lucky to know them. Wife of Dave, who gave me a ticket to ride—30 years and still my best friend.

Author of  The Benevolent Universe, The Story of Your Unique Genius… and some thoughts about DNA, SEX, COMPASSION, Magic Tricks, Doughnuts, Hobbits, Circles and Oprah.

Yes, I know it’s too long. Dana Drake

Foodie, if this doesn’t work out I’m buying a food truck and moving to California.

Chemist, I used to make drugs—think Breaking Bad, without being cool like Walter White. I had a legal job for a company. I still read labels and I now only buy drugs at the drugstore.

Pen Collector, if you’ve never owned a fountain pen you may want to rethink your life.

Blogger and Vlogger, learn what not to do with your life through my struggles, seriously I hope it helps. 

Musical Theatre devotee, mostly show tunes on my playlist—don’t ask me to sing.

Obsessed with Pilates, it is a magical exercise.

Starbucks lover, it is my office.

Maker of my own tortillas, yes it’s hard.

Trying to be Vegan, an elegant answer to a lot of problems.